2014 AGM - Hereford Cider Museum

Notes from our Vice-Chairman (Neil Sysum) and our newest Member Katy Miles

Our AGM for 2014 was held at the Hereford Cider Museum, an excellent location and facility which was well attended by our members.

Our initial meeting prior to the AGM by the Officers and Committee covered our usual format and included some additions to the proposed AGM Agenda to include coverage of our exclusive deal with Westlands Toyota which is only available to ALTA members - if you want details please click here

We also took the time to review our support and communication with members regarding The Licensed Trade Charity and used the AGM to tell our members a bit more about what its all about and our support.

The schedule of events throughout the day, were as follows:

10.30/11.00 Committee and Officers Meeting (closed)

13.00 Lunch and networking

14.00 OFFICIAL AGM (Members Only)

2.30 -Presentations
Presentation -  (Information for our clients)
Presentation -  (Discounts for clients)
Presentation - (Information for members)

15.45/16.00 Tea and Networking

4.30 -Presentations Continued
Presentation -  (CPD for members)
Presentation - (Industry News for members)

17.00 Cider Museum Tour & Netwoking


Great networking and the chance to welcome new members, great presentations and a good fun event. Additional CPD benefits covering the extremely complicated new HMRC simplified tax system was covered - something which seemingly does not suit Licensed Trade Clients at all..

A well attended event, great speakers and an all round good event. Great feedback from members attending which was greatly received by the Committee and Officers - Thank you.