You are the catalyst to driving the value gained from being a member of ALTA.

You have a voice within the Association.

That is the essence of our culture.

The Management Committee are here to ensure the Association delivers the right benefits, in the right way and to promote ALTA within the sector through developing wider links, partnerships and leading on the real key issues as seen by you, the member, and our clients, the operators, tenants and licensees.

Knowledge hub: Access and contribute to the ‘knowledge hub’ on our website and seek advice and support from your member colleagues on topical issues, innovations and best practice.

Professional development: Apply for a place on the BIIBAS Panel of Professional Advisors.

Recognition: Thousands of pub operators, tenants and licensees are represented by ALTA membership and our strength in numbers is intended to drive and influence key dialogues with organisations including HMRC.
Once your ALTA membership has been approved, you will benefit from:

  • A signed Membership Certificate.
  • Be able to add designatory letters after your name (dependent on your membership level).
  • Have a personalised profile on the ALTA membership page including link to your website.
  • Attending regional seminars, joining discussion forums and receiving sector updates.

… and your membership fees are tax deductable!



Confidentiality - Members abide by the ethics and confidentiality set by UK accountancy regulatory bodies and comply with the eight key principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Contribution – We truly believein the culture, objects and values voted on by the ALTA Steering Group. This is an association that will evolve and grow based on the input and involvement of its members… people just like you!

Creativity – When economies and trading are tough, organisations can do one of two things… go down or go up! Hard times can drive innovation and change if you have a positive approach to the challenges that are part of any business life cycle and continuously look to improve what you do and how you do it!