About ALTA

ALTA has been established by a group of experienced and pub company approved accountants to help the Trade receive high quality advice and support.

A steering group was formed in November 2010 to discuss the association’s structure, governance and membership and to ensure ALTA meets the industry’s present and future needs.

Current Management Committee officers are:

David Jones – Chairman

Neil Sysum – Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Chris Inwood – Membership Secretary   


All ALTA members support these principles:

Integrity: Members are bound by the rules and regulations of the UK accountancy regulatory bodies, which ensures the independence and integrity of their professional advice. 

Openness: ALTA will be open, responsive and accountable to its users, beneficiaries, members, partners and others with an interest in its work. 

Conduct: Members are committed to acting professionally at all times, within the regulations of their own UK accountancy body and in support of the entire licensed trade industry.

Confidentiality: Members abide by the ethics and confidentiality set by UK accountancy regulatory bodies and comply with the eight key principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Consultation: Members support a consultative approach to the development of accountancy services to the licensed Trade.

Collaboration: Our members believe that more can be achieved as a group than by any individual. They are committed to working together to further the best interests of the licensed Trade.

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1. Integrity
2. Openness
3. Professional Conduct
4. Confidentiality
5. Consultation
6. Collaboration


1. Leadership
2. Responsibilities and Obligations
3. Effectiveness
4. Reviewing and Renewing
5. Delegation