From the first meeting, the Steering Group was clear about the culture that would underpin ALTA, our 3 C’s:

  • Collaboration – our philosophy is that more can be achieved together than it can individually, whether it’s sharing best practice, creating a knowledge hub or helping shape the future of the sector.

  • Consultation – decisions are made collectively and include members, trade bodies, experts and those we are here to support… the operators, tenants and licensees.

  • Co-operation – the membership approach is one of support and mentoring, creating a proactive, positive dynamic that ensures everyone has a voice within the Association.



All associations must have clarity about their purpose and direction.

ALTA has focused on 3 objects that reflect the professional standards required by the UK’s accountancy accredited bodies and the recognised needs of licensed trade operators, tenants and licensees:

  • Quality – All ALTA members are required to evidence their credentials and specialism in the sector through the Association referencing procedures. This verifies not only their ability to deliver service excellent but demonstrates an understanding of the context in which the sector operates.

  • Independence – Members are bound by the rules and regulations of the UK accountancy regulatory bodies, which ensures the independence and integrity of their professional advice. ALTA members act with the best interest of their clients as their primary objective at all times.

  • Choice – The operators, tenants and licensees (our member’s clients) can access information about members in their locality with confidence and transparency, ask service questions, understand pricing structures and request business references to enable them to appoint a provider of choice, with confidence.